About Me

I’m a mother, physician, wife and aspiring endurance athlete trying to find my balance and patience as I navigate being a mom to three young boys, starting my career as a primary care physician, nurturing my marriage and still finding time for myself.

I created this blog after being inspired my numerous bloggers some of who I know personally (thank you kindredswell) and others I have just admired from afar (ohsheglowsdrjenguntercupofjo, galmeetsglam, garvinandco).  It started in the days of being an overwhelmed new mom when I had my first little guy.  I found companionship and a certain sense of belonging and peace knowing that other women were going through the rollercoaster ride that is becoming a mother. The early days with your first are long and can be quiet and lonely and so, over the course of time, I found my way to a whole host of blogs that made me feel like I was part of a community even on those days where I didn’t speak to anyone but my newborn.

Life is MUCH different these days. With a pre-schooler, a toddler and a new baby my days are anything but quiet but can still be lonely when your only contact is with people who yell ‘I’m ready to wipe my bum’ on the regular…but I still find companionship, inspiration and wisdom reading the words of these incredible women.

And as you can see if you followed the links, my favourite blogs range from motherhood  to medicine and a few other topics in between. We all have layers, and I want to use this blog to explore what layers make me ‘me’, to help me find balance and patience, and to share with you what I learn along the way.

Thanks for reading and sharing! Please feel free to email me anytime at findingpatients@gmail.com and follow me on instagram or twitter.