There’s lots of chatter on social media these day about having a sidegig (side hustle) or whatever it is you want to call them. A common type of side gig is in relationship marketing (direct sales/multi-level marketing etc. basically all the same thing whatever you choose to label it!).

But maybe you’ve got some reservations. Are you wondering if a sidegig is for you? Maybe you worry about what other people will think? Perhaps you think you haven’t got the time? Or maybe you’re not a sales person?

All smiles at my sidegig conference.
Sidegig = smiles!

Well, I’ve got news – a sidegig is for you! Whether you want a second stream of income, looking for burnout prevention, or you’re ready to connect with a goal driven community of supportive entrepreneurs from around the globe than maybe a sidegig with Neora is for you!

One of my fellow Neora BPs and BFFs and I did a Facebook live video about this very thing! And Erin was smart enough to have uploaded it to YouTube. So if you’ve ever wondered if a sidegig was for you, or even if you haven’t, check out this video. You’ll get to watch us knock down the most common myths about multi level marketing and our Neora sidegigs!

And if you want to learn more about my specific journey with my side-gig you can check out this previous blog post here!

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